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cMoyBB v2.03 Headphone Amplifier
portable Headphone Amp,
also available Swissness Tin, assembled in Switzerland, include PCB

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Run-Time: 8-50 hrs
Frequency Response: +0.01, -0.01 dB (20Hz-20kHz)
Enclosure Size aprox.: 116 x 64 x 21 mm

Alps RK097 Volume Control and On/Off Switch
Bass Boost Toggle Switch
DC Auxiliary Power Jack
Automatic On/Off (senses headphone cord)
Texas Instruments OPA2227 Opamp in Gold-Plated DIP Socket
Texas Instruments TLE2426 Precision Virtual Ground (2x optional)
Decoupling Capacitors on All IC Supply Pins
Custom 2-Layer PCB: Compact Layout with Ground Plane

Amp Chäschtli

Swissness Tin Headphone Amp, includes also additional original filled Tin.

JDS Labs cMoyBB v2.03 Headphone Amplifier 00

JDS Labs cMoyBB v2.03 Headphone Amplifier 01