MATRIX mini portable


Matrix mini-portable is designed for the mobile needs of headphone users. Thanks to the ADI High-current unit DAC (AD1955) and the high-qualityoperational amplifiers AD8620 audio signals can playback faithfully.
The headphone amplifier section with ultra-low distortion current feedback amplifier chip can drive all kinds of large moving coil headphone and ear moving iron headphones.
The optical and coaxial interface can play back up to 24Bit/192kHz digital audio signal, the USB interface can play back up to 24Bit/96kHz digital audio signal.
High-capacity lithium battery is guaranteed to drive high impedance headphones over eight hours of continuous playback time,Automatic voltage monitoring can be less than 10% and 5% in the battery capacity when the alarm display,And stop playing automatically when the battery is depleted,Prevent excessive battery discharge.
Excellent design of Mni-portable has the following features:
•USB interface supports up to 24Bit/96kHz digital audio signal playback.
•Optical , coaxial interface supports up to 24Bit/192kHz digital signal audio playback.
•Internal headphone amplifier unit can drive up to 300 ohm impedance headphones.
•3.5mm analog input, can be used as an independent headphone amplifier use.
•Automatic battery voltage detection, and dedicated battery charging management chip.
•Multiple independent precision regulated power supply, analog part of the positive and negative power driver.
•The compact size, lightweight, easy to carry.
Coaxial: Sampling Rate: 24Bit/44.1kHz~192kHz
Optical: Sampling Rate: 24Bit/44.1kHz~192kHz
USB: Mini-USB Sampling Rate: 24Bit/44.1kHz~96kHz
windows7VistaXPMac OS X
Analog Input Impedance: 47 k
Headphone Output Impedance: 10
Output Power: 150mW/300
Ω, 300mW/60Ω
THD+N: 0.00029%
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz
SNR: 112dB
Dynamic Range: 118dB
USB Charger Output: 5V/1000mA
Weight: 180g
Dimension: 112×65×20mm(L×W×H)