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HIFI E.T MA9, High-End Music Player

HIFI E.T MA9 player uses the classic PCM1704 DAC chip as decoding, high speed and high precision operational amplifier OPA627AU do IV conversion;
Amp part also uses OPA627AU as front buffer, the power output level of each channel by using two pieces of BUF634 parallel to provide powerful output, so that the machine in using earphones listening to music can also exhibit excellent sound effect. The shell of the player uses the high hardness of pure metal shell, so that the whole machine with excellent cooling performance, and simple and generous appearance design can highlight your personality.
Takes into account to the  circuit board section, the player uses the modular design, machine is consists of three parts: the main control board, a decoding board and amp plate, thus the replacement of a decoding board and amp plate becomes possible, fans can select decode board and amp plate that can be based on personal preferences . The player also has USB sound card functions, can be connected with the computer play high-fidelity music, make PC music fans can always enjoy high-end audio equipment HIFI class music.
1. use the built-in 1150mAh 8.4V *2 lithium battery, can be replaced
2. uses built-in TI top 24bit PCM1704 DAC, can be changed from the manufacturers
3. built-in amp board OPA627+ double BUF634, can be replaced
4. built-in DAC function USB ( USB card ), it is convenient for you to connect the notebook computer and enjoy HIFI music at any time.
5. HIFI E.T MA9 contains a 3.5mm headphone output support balance / unbalance
6. 3.5mm lineout single end output
7. support the market common nondestructive file formats: WAV, APE, FLAC, MP3, CUE whole track format
8. built-in 8G flash, you also can be applied in 32G MicroSD to expansion
9. uses a 2.36 inch 320*240 TFT display
10. aviation aluminum fuselage, two kinds of colors, tarnish and army green

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Technical Specification:

Current and voltage conversion: TI OPA627 IV
LPF low-pass filter: TI LME49722
Amp: TI OPA627 AMP
BUFFER Amp Buffer: TI BUF634*2 per channel
Display: 2.36 inch 320*240 TFT
Battery: 1150mAh 8.4V lithium battery *2
Frequency response: 0Hz-25kHz
Signal to noise ratio: 103dB@1kHz
Degrees of separation: 89db@1kHz 0dB
Distortion: 0.00275%
Maximum output power: 50MW @ 32 Europe
Battery life: 8 hours of playback
Charging time: 2 hours
External power supply: dual 9V isolated power supply
Recommendations for earphone impedance: 16-300 e
Size: 64*120*25.5 ( mm )
Weight: 300g


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